Dolly's passing was expected, but unexpected.
She had been failing for a long time.
Couldn't see well, couldn't hear, often relieved herself on the chair without even waking up.
But even when it got bad I would play little games with myself:
"if she's ok for the next two days then maybe she's going to rally."  Things like that.  So because of how she was failing we knew it was coming, but then it's never easy.

On her last day, I had expected to bring her to a rabies clinic for her shot.  At this point, I had stopped getting other shots for her since all she did was sleep inside on her chair anyway.
But this day she had an abscess on her butt and it was not there just a couple days before.  I figured it was an impacted anal gland, and called the vet to get her right in.  The vet confirmed the problem and said he would have to lance it.
Faced with causing her pain, the vet and I discussed quality of life, and I chose to have her put to sleep.  So with me reassuring her and talking to her, she went to sleep one last time.

Dolly was with us for over ten years.  She had a really good life here, and she added to our lives.
Rest in Peace, Dolly.

Dolly was the last of the four poms.
The end of an era, in some ways.

We now have one rambunctious, giant chihuahua,
Spotticus Loonicus,
and he is enough for anyone.
Copyright 2010, Anita M. Golden
All Rights Reserved