Pommies - Pom Pom Pg.1
These are Samson's parents: 
Pom Pom (foreground) and Teddy (rear). 
The lady I bought Samson from called me in July of '99 to ask me if I was interested in taking them because she was moving and unable to keep them.  After much soul-searching and a nudge from my hubby,
I said yes. 
We picked them up on August 2nd of 1999.
This is one of the first pix taken of them here in their new home.
Pom Pom was born
June 30, 1990
Nearly twelve in this picture, we hope she lives to be twenty!

This was taken after my first attempt at grooming Pommie in 2002.
The little queen, all sacked out on her bed of pillows.
This little girl knows she is special, and we don't argue with her.
Copyright 1999, Anita M. Golden
All Rights Reserved