Teddy had a very special place in my heart.
I know we aren't supposed to have favorites, but he and I had a special bond.  He loved me so much, and I loved him.
We had him for nine years, and I'm really glad he was able to have those years with us.  He had a great life here and spent a good portion of his time lounging on the couch.  What a life!

When Teddy failed, it was fast.  The vet said it sounded like it might be stomach cancer, which was the same possibility to which my own research had led.  I was not going to subject him to tests and more pain - especially knowing how much he hated even a regular vet's visit.

I brought him down and held him while the vet gave him the injection.  He was very weak that morning.  In fact it was the first car ride he'd ever taken where he didn't whine and carry on - he never made a peep this day.  So I held him close, and as he took his last breath he turned his face up to me one last time and looked into my eyes.
It still makes me cry to think about it, but I know that someday when I think of him it will only be with love and happy memories, and the terrible sadness will have passed.

Teddy was a truly wonderful friend.
He has a lovely spot under a tree in our little animal cemetery,
so he is still very close to the home and family he loved.

Rest in peace, sweetie.
Copyright 2008, Anita M. Golden
All Rights Reserved